Hero Points

Each character begins play with 1 hero point, regardless of her level. In addition whenever a character gains a level she earns and additional hero point. Further hero points are awarded at the discretion of the GM.

Hero points can be spent at any time and do not require an action to use, however only one hero point may be used in any one combat round.

Spending Hero Points

Act Out of Turn Spend a hero point to take your turn immediately. You may however only take a move or standard action.

Bonus Add a +8 bonus to a d20 roll, if announced before the roll, +4 if announced after a roll.

Extra Action Gain an additional standard or move action.

Inspiration Petition the GM for a hint about what to do next. Should there be no hint the hero point is not spent.

Recall Spend a hero point to recall a spell you have already cast or gain use of a special ability that is otherwise limited.

Reroll Reroll any d20 roll you just made, you have to take the result of the second roll.

Special Petition the GM to allow something that would normally be almost impossible.

Cheat Death Spend 2 hero points to cheat death, you will still be on negative hit points but will be stable.

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Hero Points

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