Tag: mayor


  • Vaneo Arvanaxi (Aberian's Folly)

    A corpulent building of iron and stone that looms over its neighbours in southern Westcrown - the mayor's abode is anything but subtle. This is no mere house, but rather a bloated near-castle of ochre and black, a huge manor with rusting gargoyles dancing …

  • The Asmodean Knot

    The Asmodean Knot exists in its own demiplane, though modelled on the material plane. The walls, floors and ceilings of the Asmodean Knot seem to be panelled in polished grey wood, in most rooms, but in places this panelled grey wood has fallen away …

  • Aberian Arvanxi

    Aberian is a rotund, balkding man with a quick and somewhat too wide smile. He wears the Westcrown colours in his elegant suit along with a cloak made of winter wolf fur.